Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Today before nap time I took Cody outside to try out his new t-ball set. I have high hopes that he'll want to participate in a baseball camp for 4 year olds in August, and thought this would be a good start for introducing the sport to him. First, I forgot how much I love to hit a baseball, and I'm pretty darn good at it. Second, I discovered that Cody does have one part of the sport down - taunting. Whenever I missed {which was often whenever Cody was throwing to me} I was treated to a sing-song of "haha, you MISSED!". Gotta love it.

My goal for this summer is to take Cody to a baseball game. We're lucky enough to have a minor league team, the Potomac Nationals {aka the P-Nats} down the street from us. We've lived in our house for almost 7 years and haven't been to a game once. Which is really odd, because before I met my husband, I worked for the team as a receptionist. And before that, my friend and I were regulars at the games. But now Cody is old enough to sit through a few innings, so I plan to take him to one of the $1 night games. Hey, for $2 to get in, if we have to leave after a few innings, it's not such a big deal :)

Will we take Luke? I'm not sure. The allergist has said that he can be around people eating peanut products at a baseball game, he just can't consume or touch them. Will I be comfortable with it though? I'm not sure yet. The Washington Nationals {who happen to be the parent team of the P-Nats} have a game in early June with a peanut free section. That intrigues me, and I really hope that it's something they do every year. I'm just not sure it's worth the hassle of going downtown so that a 1.5 year old can go to a baseball game. Next year? Definitely. This year? Probably not. But many, MANY kudos to the Nationals for doing something so great!

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