Friday, April 23, 2010

Testing, Testing, 1-2-3

During Luke's most recent allergist visit we learned of the test results from the previous visit. The allergist did a 2 day patch test for various foods, and also sent Luke for blood work for peanut/tree nut allergies. He said that doing a skin test for the nut allergies would more than likely send Luke into anaphylaxis again.

The results...

Soy +
Milk +
Wheat ++
Egg +++
Chicken +
Green Beans +
Carrot +
Corn +
Pea +
S. Potato +
Banana ++
Oats ++
Rice +
Barley ++

Almond 0.95
Peanut 2.76
Cashew 0.74

{<0.35 Absent/Undetectable}
{0.35-0.70 Low Level}
{0.71-3.50 Moderate Level}
{3.51-17.5 High Level}
{17.6-50 Very High Level}

So what does this mean? Luke has been referred to a pediatric GI doctor for the food allergies. If there weren't so many that he reacted to, the allergist would have done an elimination diet. But because there are so many, an ED isn't possible. What will happen at the GI appt? I don't know. The doctor mentioned that the allergies may be also causing Luke's slow weight gain, so that's the main concern with the appointment. Celiac disease was mentioned {but said he doesn't think it's what Luke has}, and in his note to the GI doc, noted possible "allergic GI disease".

For the nut allergies, Luke is in the moderate level. Towards the higher end for peanut and towards the lower end for tree nuts. Luke is anaphalactic to peanuts, his reaction in March shows that. We don't know about tree nuts, but we are avoiding anything with any kind of nut product in it. Luke's nut allergy won't cause a runny nose or tummy ache. It's life threatening for him. The levels of the blood test don't show how bad a reaction would be, it can't predict it. It only shows that there is an allergy. Also, the allergist has said that Luke has a good chance of outgrowing the nut allergy because he is so young. He also said though that when we do blood work next year, the nut levels will probably be higher. This is because they typically go up before they come back down.

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