Friday, April 30, 2010

Things to Remember and Some Relief

We went to a park with friends today so the big boys could play, and we all had lunch. Luke kept putting his food down on the picnic table {I was holding him on my lap}. All I could think about was, what if someone before us had a PB sandwich on this table? So note to self, next time bring a table cloth.

I've spent a lot of time reading various allergy message boards - the one I frequent the most is at Kids with Food Allergies. Today I read a post from a mom who's 13 year old needed 2 Epi shots for an allergic reaction. People commented that it's not uncommon for the first dose to not work. This is a bit overwhelming for me. It's a good reminder that having an Epi on hand isn't a reason to not be diligent about keeping Luke safe. It's not insurance - it just buys you some time. Each EpiPen will give you approximately 15 minutes to get medical help.

Which reminds me. We frequently travel to a house that my parents own on the weekends. It's in an area known as Northern Neck. It's very rural, and we love it because of that. It's nice to get away from the craziness of Northern Virginia, even if for just a day. When we discovered Luke's allergy though, I started to worry about what would happen if he needed attention while we were there. My first priority was to memorize the address {5+ years there and I still didn't know it! I do now} in case we ever had to call 911. Then I started wondering which would be the better thing to do - call 911 and wait for help to arrive {wondering how long it would take}, or hop in the car and head for the nearest hospital in Kilmarnock {about 20 minutes driving the speed limit}. There is a small volunteer station down the road from us, but we never saw anyone there. It was really eating at me, and I didn't know how to find out what the answer was...

...that is until last weekend. We happened to be driving past the volunteer station, and noticed that there were actually people there! And they were washing an ambulance! SCORE! I made a quick u-turn, and went back to talk with the EMT that was there. I told her where our house was, and she said response time would be about 5 minutes. Turns out there are several EMTs that live around us. If we were to put a call into 911, an EMT would respond from their home directly to ours, and another would head to the volunteer station for the ambulance. Perfect, exactly what I needed to hear. Obviously my goal is to never have to call 911, but it has given me a bit of relief in worrying about what we would do.

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