Thursday, May 27, 2010

Children's Museum of Richmond

Yesterday the boys and I met up with the playgroup at the Children's Museum of Richmond. Although it was a 90 minute drive each way, it was well worth it! It's an easy drive from Northern Virginia. An hour and 20 minutes down I-95, and then about 10 minutes after you get off the highway. We got there around 10:15, which is 45 minutes after they open. When we first got there it wasn't very crowded at all. We were there before everyone else in our group, so we went ahead inside and got started. By 11:00 it was starting to get more crowded. I started noticing that there were quite a few school/daycare groups there. Although it was getting more crowded, it wasn't overwhelming as there are several different displays, so everything was well spread out.

Cody was immediately drawn to the Ambulance - it was basically a gutted ambulance, with a driver's seat and benches in the back. The kids loved it! It helped that pushing a button made the lights go on. After that he moved on to a car display - they had a smaller version of a car set up that the kids could work out. Change tires, attach a muffler, etc. My husband is a mechanic, and Cody says he is one too - so Cody loved it. The rest of the time there was spent at the different displays - a market with a working cash register, a school room, bank, tv newscasting room (complete with a camera that puts you on tv and a news desk!), water play area, fossil dig site, a cow that you can milk, arts and crafts area, stage and an outside play area. The outside area has ride on toys, hoola hoops, and a beach area with sand and sand toys. There was another display that was closed for renovations, and I couldn't tell what it was.

There's also a play area set aside just for the 3 and under crowd. It was the only place, other than outside, that I was comfortable letting Luke get out of the stroller and walk around. In the other areas there were too many kids, he kept getting knocked down. The toddler area was much more quiet, but had lots of great toys for the kids. A row boat, truck, market stand with veggies, and another area sectioned off that was just for the crawlers in the group. Luke loved it!

Allergy wise, I felt comfortable there. Food is not served, but groups and individuals can bring food in. They have tables in the lobby area and outside. For the groups they have separate rooms where they can go in for lunch. The risk for cross contamination is possible anywhere, so I did my usual wiping his hands with wet wipes and making sure he didn't put anything in his mouth.

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