Monday, May 10, 2010

Comfort Zone {finding one and being ok with it}

Being as new as I am to food allergies, I'm constantly learning new things. My most recent lesson was in comfort zones. Last month my family and I were invited to spend a week at the beach with another family. This is a family that we have known for a long time - the parents went to school with my parents, and I grew up with their kids. We've all vacationed together before, the last time being when I was pregnant with Luke. But this time is different. My first reaction was, great, that will be fun! My second reaction? Oh no, I'll have to worry about what food is in the house. I know they would do their very best to ensure that there weren't any unsafe foods brought into the house. But we're talking about nine people that don't have to worry about what is safe and unsafe on a daily basis. Nine people that probably aren't as knowledgeable with cross contamination risks. And, four of those nine people I don't know as well as the others, and I really don't know if they would take it seriously or not.

I was really torn. I wanted to go. But the stress of the food issues weren't something I was looking forward to. There were other issues brought up on whether sharing a house with them would be a good idea {a house full of fun loving, staying up late adults with two small children and what to do with my mom's aging dog that she was not comfortable leaving at home}, and in the end, we decided to not share a house.

Then a great idea came up - could we find a house close to theirs that we could have on our own? A house that would allow my parents to bring their dogs? YES! We did! So we're going. I will still have to be extra diligent about food around Luke, as we'll still be spending a lot of time with the other family, and I'm sure eating with them at times. But at least this way I know that there is a safe place where I have 100% control over what food is around him. Plus a quiet place for nap and bed time.

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  1. Melinda, great solution! You can't let your allergies stop you from life!