Wednesday, May 5, 2010


We've been in our house for almost 7 years now, and there are many parts of it that still aren't "done". I'm not a decorative kind of girl as it is. Add in that we never planned on being in this house for very long, and I just never got motivated. I'm trying to change that though, since it looks like we'll be here for a bit longer {thank you crappy housing market!}.

I'm relatively happy with Cody's room. A couple months before Luke was born, we moved Cody from the nursery to what was then a guest room and is now his big boy room. He did SO WELL with the move, I was impressed. We did his room in a truck/cars theme. Hit the Road bedding set from Target. Dump truck canvas painting that I found at Burlington Coat Factory. Dale Jr. poster from the September 2009 Richmond race that Ryan and I went to, and a Cars movie poster that Ryan found at work one day. My mom made navy blue window valances, and I found a navy blue bed skirt. It's not quite done {and is often way messier than I like}. But I think once I add a couple more pictures to the wall I'll be happy with it. I am toying with the idea of a chair rail and painting the lower half of the wall navy blue though.

For Luke's room, I want to do major work. When we moved Cody from the nursery, I kept most of the babyish decorations. Cody's theme was teddy bears. I used a lot of his decorations and added to it to make a stars and moon theme for Luke. It was cheap {I was on a major budget} and easy {I was very preggo, chasing a 2 year old and generally lazy}. I'm ready to make it look more like a toddler's room though. So I did some looking around at Pottery Barn Kids and found a super cute train bedding set. I'm not one to buy an entire matching set, so I bought crib sheets, a dust ruffle {from another bedding line}, and a pillow case for when I'm ready to put a pillow in Luke's crib.

I'm excited about getting out and looking for other train items to add to the room. I already have a train that spells out Luke, that I'm going to repaint. I'm going with a light blue and red color scheme, one of my favorites. I'm looking forward to blogging more about this as I work on it!

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