Monday, May 24, 2010

Favorite Moments {Lost}

Yes, I'm a Lostie. After missing the first two episodes of the first season, my husband and I decided to watch the 3rd one after hearing people talk about how great the show was. We've been hooked ever since. We had our times of being aggravated by the show, mostly when they would show re-runs and have long breaks in between seasons. But for the most part, Lost has been a true love of mine for the last 6 years. Last night's episode was bitter sweet for me {and many Lost fans I'm sure}. I was so sad going into last night's show - sad that it would be the last new episode that we would get to see. I had grown to love watching Jack, Kate and the rest of the crew. I guess when you watch something every week, for months and then years at a time, you grow attached. But at the same time, it was wonderful to see how everything would come to an end.

I'm not going to go into what I thought of the ending - or what I think the ending means. I just wanted to mention my favorite moments of the last show of such a fun, exciting and entertaining series....

1. Charlie on stage, spotted Claire in the audience. What followed brought me to tears - him watching her, then eventually finding her backstage while she was in labor. Them recognizing each other, hugging and kissing. Such a sweet moment.

2. Jin and Sun learning that their baby was healthy, and memories coming back to them, knowing that they were having a baby girl.

3. Kate: "I love you" Jack: "I love you too"

4. Sawyer and Juliette finding each other

5. Jack talking with his dad in the church - so touching, considering how Jack always seemed to feel he wasn't close to his father.

6. The final group scene - everyone hugging, talking, laughing. They were all so happy.

I need to watch the show again. As with most Lost episodes, I feel like I need to see it again in case I missed anything. There were so many touching moments, I know that there are more that I want to mention. I loved that they spent so much of the show just focusing on the characters. I love you Lost - thank you for such a wonderful series. You will be greatly missed!

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