Sunday, May 2, 2010

Praise for Firehouse Subs

On our way home today we stopped at Firehouse Subs in Fredericksburg, VA for lunch. It was our 2nd time going there since learning of Luke's allergy. I had labeled it "safe" because the only nut products are cookies that are made off location and individually packaged, and peanut butter sandwiches on the children's menu. The first time we stopped there, it was for dinner. The manager was helping prepare the sandwiches, and I told him about Luke's allergy. He didn't say much, but did say that it wouldn't be a problem.

Today when we stopped I didn't see the same manager, but the lady working the cash register was wonderful. I ordered grilled cheese kids meals for both boys, and immediately told her that Luke was allergic to nuts. She asked if both boys were - and put into the computer that 1 was allergic and 1 wasn't. She informed me that there hadn't been any orders for PB sandwiches yet that day, so the contamination risk was extremely low. When our sandwiches were brought out, we learned that Luke's sandwich was being prepared separately. They used all new utensils, etc, to prepare his. It meant waiting an extra few minutes for his, but obviously that wasn't a problem. Right as we were finishing up the cashier came out to tell me that a family sitting near us had ordered a peanut butter sandwich for their child. Their food hadn't come out yet, but she wanted to let me know in case he was sensitive to the smell of nut products. I wanted to hug her. I honestly don't know if he is or not - we haven't experienced that kind of exposure yet. But for her to take the time to tell me that was amazing.

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