Thursday, May 6, 2010

{Semi} Crafty Mama

So I want to be crafty. Like, REALLY, want to be crafty. I look at different ideas online and in magazines and think, ooh, I could do that! But then I never do. Because I've convinced myself that I'm not a crafty person. But honestly, I have no idea if I am or not, because I've never really tried. I've made a vow to myself though to start trying these things.

Recently I came across a thread on Diaper Swappers {yes, I'm a CDing mama} about upcycling. I spent a couple of hours going through the many pages of the thread, looking at things that people had breathed new life into. It inspired me to start keeping an eye out on craigslist and freecycle. Sure enough, last night a message came through on freecycle offering a queen size brass headboard. I've been wanting to add a headboard to our bed, but haven't wanted to spend the money on it. So, perfect! My husband picked it up tonight...

It's a little beat up, but it's not in bad condition. One of the globes fell off and broke when my husband was putting it into his truck. Which is ok, because I would have probably removed them anyway. I plan to spray paint it - maybe brushed nickel. Or maybe a dark color. I haven't decided yet. Our room is mostly light green with some brown, and our furniture is a darkish brown stain. I'm not sure what to do with the globe that is in the middle of the frame, I'll probably paint it too.

My other project for today was a onesie for Luke. I got the idea from Family Fun magazine.

Not exactly a difficult craft, but it was fun {and cute}!

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