Monday, May 3, 2010


I came across this video today from Food Allergy Initiative. It is a group of 6 parents talking about their children's life threatening allergies to nuts, milk, etc. It's not a long video, but it does a good job touching on what it's like to see your child experience anaphylaxis, what it's like worrying every second of the day about your child, what it's like working around food allergies.

"I'm frustrated by people who don't want to understand it"
"It's really difficult to get someone who doesn't get it, to get it"

As someone that is new to being the parent of a child with a life threatening food allergies, these quotes from the video really spoke to me. On one hand, I understand - because before Luke's reaction, I didn't know much about it either. But on the other hand, it's frustrating to have people that know me and my child be so resistant to realizing how scary his allergy is.

I have had enough of people assuming that his allergy means a runny nose, tummy ache or other minor irritations. My wish is that the people closest to us would take the time to listen and learn. If they would do that, they would understand how serious his allergy is. And would understand why I do the things that I do, or why I feel the way that I feel. Stop labeling me as an over-protective parent. Because I'm not. I'm no more protective than any other parent that has had the misfortune of watching their 15 month old child struggle to breathe, worrying that their child may not make it, would be.

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