Thursday, June 17, 2010


Oh how I am full of regrets right now. Last Friday we stopped at Burger King on our way out of town for dinner. This is what I posted at Kids with Food Allergies in regards to what happened...

Luke had about 1/4 of my Whopper with cheese (really less than that, because he wasn't very interested in it) and a couple french fries. A few minutes after we left, he threw up. We stopped and got him cleaned up, I didn't notice any hives or a runny nose. 30 or 40 minutes later he threw up again. We stopped, and this time he sneezed several times, and had a majorly runny nose after that for the rest of the evening. No hives - we gave him a dose of Benadryl, and he was very sleepy after that.

The bun had sesame seeds on it - the only other time he's had sesame seeds was in a cracker. He had a minor rash near his mouth after he ate it, but I was never sure if that was a reaction to the crack or something else. I plan to avoid sesame seeds in case, but should he see his allergist? When he had his ana reaction to peanuts his two big symptoms before the hives started were vomiting and lots of sneezing and mucus, so that's why I'm wondering if he was reacting.

First, I left a typo from paragraph two on purpose, because well, it's funny.

Second, I got several great responses from the people on the board. Well, great in that people were nice enough to respond to me and gave me some good information. But not so great in that now I'm pretty sure he had an anaphylactic reaction that night. And I responded by giving him Benadryl instead of an epi. I feel horrible. I've been crying. I feel like I failed my baby boy. And I am thanking GOD that everything turned out ok. I made an appointment with his allergist for next Thursday. I don't know if he reacted to the sesame seeds, but I'm hoping the allergist will test based on the rash he got after eating a cracker, and what happened last Friday.

Looking back, I am kicking the you know what out of myself. I think what kept me from thinking that it was an ana reaction was that he never got any hives. Completely different from his original ana reaction to peanuts. But as someone on the message board said, each reaction is different.

Edited to add 6/18 -

This morning a thought popped in my head. Luke tested +++ to egg with the patch test back in March. At the appointment with the GI doctor a few weeks ago, he pointed that out and said we may need to keep an eye on egg for Luke, that it may (but wouldn't necessarily) turn into an anaphylactic allergy. The burger I gave Luke had mayo on it, and there was egg in the mayo. Could he have reacted to that? I'm anxious to get in with the allergist to see what he thinks. I'm hoping he'll do a blood test for sesame and egg. Until then, we're avoid anything with egg or sesame in it.

Birthday Cake Roundup

I'm joining Life As Mom today for a birthday cake roundup.

All of these cakes were made pre-allergy diagnosis, so no caution was taken to avoid nuts.

My first attempt at making a cake was in February 2008, for Cody's 2nd birthday. He was having a train theme party, and I wanted to make a 3D train cake. I searched the internet for weeks looking for the perfect idea, and found instructions on Family Fun's website. It was a disaster. Not the website's fault, just that it was my first time, and I really didn't know what I was doing. The next morning, on our way to Cody's party, I ran into the grocery store and bought a plain cake that I wrote on. I was disappointed and determined to do better next time.

For Cody's 3rd birthday in 2009, he had a construction truck theme. This time worked out MUCH better! Still not perfect, but I was happy with it. I'm definitely in love with the idea of using toys as cake decorations!

Used a basic sheet cake with chocolate frosting. The grass is coconut mixed with green tinted frosting. Dirt is crushed up oreos.

For Luke's first birthday we went for a theme of balloons and light blue with lime. I used Wilton's 1 cake pan to make the cake. The frosting came out a brighter blue than I wanted, but it worked. Used a Wilton star tip to pipe in the frosting all over the cake.

Luke liked it =)

For Cody's 3rd birthday he wanted a Cars themed party. I had lots of fun with this one! I had grand ideas of including Frank, Lightening, Mater and tipped over tractors. But in the end, there just wasn't enough room for the tractors. So I went with a Frank chasing L&M scene instead =)

Another basic sheet cake. Grass was frosting tinted green, and piped on with the Wilton grass tip. The dirt was crushed graham crackers. The decorations were snagged from Cody's toy box. I did buy Frank just for this cake, and boy was he hard to find! Ebay came to the rescue.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Bucket List

Little Wonders' Days

I stumbled across Litter Wonders' Days Bucket List party today - what a cute idea! Summer goes by way too fast. Too many times I say that I want to do xyz, and it almost never happens. So I'm putting it in writing, with the intention of accomplishing everything before Cody starts pre-school in September. Honestly, the day trip goals are probably a bit ambitious. But that's ok. I'd rather have them on the list and risk not accomplishing them, than to not include them at all.


Summer Quest reading program at the library
Pirate's Cove Water Park
Waterworks Water Park
Handprints of the boys
Continue teaching Cody how to swim He's a certifiable fish now!
Burke Lake Park
Clemy Park
Chuck E Cheese completed 6/16!
Take Luke on his first boat trip
Take Cody fishing completed in July!
Go Bowling
Putt Putt Golf
Potomac Nationals Baseball Game
Visit Redskin Park during training camp
Trip to the movie theater on $1 or free days $1 day isn't going to happen, but Cody and I went to see Toy Story 3 in 3D!
Make our own ice cream completed 7/21!
Wash car at home
Visit train station in Quantico

Day Trip

National Harbor
National and/or Virginia Zoo
Kings Dominion
Busch Gardens
Children's Museum of Richmond at Short Pump
Bass Pro Shop outside of Richmond
Hershey Park

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

First {Peanut Free} Vacation

Our vacation to the Myrtle Beach area went well. I prepared some before we left by printing out a list of "safe" restaurants that had previously been reviewed on AllergyEats, his doctor's phone numbers, the address of the house we were staying in, and local grocery store information. Driving down on Saturday we stopped at McDonalds for breakfast {this was before I learned about the new peanut butter cup McFlurry}. We were going to stop at Hardees for lunch, but I couldn't remember if they were safe or not, and my list was buried in the trunk. So we skipped lunch and went straight to the house.

The next day we stocked up on safe foods at the grocery store, and spent the majority of the week eating from that supply. The only big "omg" moment that I had was when we stopped by our friends' cottage. As we walked onto the deck, the first thing I saw was a ginormous tub of cashews. My mom said something before I could, but several people ate from the jar while we were there. Since something had already been said, I just kept Luke as far away from the jar, and from anyone that ate from it. It confirmed my feelings about sharing a house with them though, so it made me feel better about us staying in our own place. Thankfully the next time we were there, the jar was gone.

We did eat out a couple of times while we were there. We ate at the World's Greatest Hotdog stand one night {note - not even close to the world's greatest}, where Luke just had a few french fries and some mac and cheese that I brought from home. Our last night there we went to a yummy restaurant, Divine's. Before leaving my husband called to check on the safety of the food, and they were confident that there wouldn't be any cross contamination issues. Luke ended up throwing a royal fit, so he didn't eat any of the food. The morning that we left, we stopped at a local pancake house. We told the server about his allergies and she said she'd pass it on to the cook. We didn't have any issues for any of the meals.