Thursday, June 17, 2010

Birthday Cake Roundup

I'm joining Life As Mom today for a birthday cake roundup.

All of these cakes were made pre-allergy diagnosis, so no caution was taken to avoid nuts.

My first attempt at making a cake was in February 2008, for Cody's 2nd birthday. He was having a train theme party, and I wanted to make a 3D train cake. I searched the internet for weeks looking for the perfect idea, and found instructions on Family Fun's website. It was a disaster. Not the website's fault, just that it was my first time, and I really didn't know what I was doing. The next morning, on our way to Cody's party, I ran into the grocery store and bought a plain cake that I wrote on. I was disappointed and determined to do better next time.

For Cody's 3rd birthday in 2009, he had a construction truck theme. This time worked out MUCH better! Still not perfect, but I was happy with it. I'm definitely in love with the idea of using toys as cake decorations!

Used a basic sheet cake with chocolate frosting. The grass is coconut mixed with green tinted frosting. Dirt is crushed up oreos.

For Luke's first birthday we went for a theme of balloons and light blue with lime. I used Wilton's 1 cake pan to make the cake. The frosting came out a brighter blue than I wanted, but it worked. Used a Wilton star tip to pipe in the frosting all over the cake.

Luke liked it =)

For Cody's 3rd birthday he wanted a Cars themed party. I had lots of fun with this one! I had grand ideas of including Frank, Lightening, Mater and tipped over tractors. But in the end, there just wasn't enough room for the tractors. So I went with a Frank chasing L&M scene instead =)

Another basic sheet cake. Grass was frosting tinted green, and piped on with the Wilton grass tip. The dirt was crushed graham crackers. The decorations were snagged from Cody's toy box. I did buy Frank just for this cake, and boy was he hard to find! Ebay came to the rescue.


  1. I need to learn how to do this. I make all of our cakes (due to food allergies) but I have no know-how at all. My kids get basic sheet cakes made with love.

    Beautiful cakes! Luke really did like it, didn't he?

  2. Those cakes look great--the one I made for Lillie's first birthday was a bit of a disaster, although it tasted fine. Of course, her Daddy did the decorating...I just did the baking! :-D

  3. Thanks everyone! I need to start looking into allergen free cake decorating supplies for Luke's birthday in November. He vomited (a lot) after eating either his or Cody's cake this year, and of course now I wonder if it was a reaction to something.

  4. What an adorable Cars cake! I liked your piped number cake as well.