Wednesday, June 9, 2010

First {Peanut Free} Vacation

Our vacation to the Myrtle Beach area went well. I prepared some before we left by printing out a list of "safe" restaurants that had previously been reviewed on AllergyEats, his doctor's phone numbers, the address of the house we were staying in, and local grocery store information. Driving down on Saturday we stopped at McDonalds for breakfast {this was before I learned about the new peanut butter cup McFlurry}. We were going to stop at Hardees for lunch, but I couldn't remember if they were safe or not, and my list was buried in the trunk. So we skipped lunch and went straight to the house.

The next day we stocked up on safe foods at the grocery store, and spent the majority of the week eating from that supply. The only big "omg" moment that I had was when we stopped by our friends' cottage. As we walked onto the deck, the first thing I saw was a ginormous tub of cashews. My mom said something before I could, but several people ate from the jar while we were there. Since something had already been said, I just kept Luke as far away from the jar, and from anyone that ate from it. It confirmed my feelings about sharing a house with them though, so it made me feel better about us staying in our own place. Thankfully the next time we were there, the jar was gone.

We did eat out a couple of times while we were there. We ate at the World's Greatest Hotdog stand one night {note - not even close to the world's greatest}, where Luke just had a few french fries and some mac and cheese that I brought from home. Our last night there we went to a yummy restaurant, Divine's. Before leaving my husband called to check on the safety of the food, and they were confident that there wouldn't be any cross contamination issues. Luke ended up throwing a royal fit, so he didn't eat any of the food. The morning that we left, we stopped at a local pancake house. We told the server about his allergies and she said she'd pass it on to the cook. We didn't have any issues for any of the meals.


  1. Melinda, it's great that it went well. After a while all of this becomes a bit more routine (like brushing your teeth). Way to go!

  2. It can be so nerve wracking to eat out. I am so glad that you had a good vacation.

  3. I think that' is the best way to vacation with a child that has food allergies! Heck I think it great for anyone with kids to have your own space and a kitchen. We did that when we went to Lake George and it made the vacation so much more enjoyable. We have a son with a peanut allergy so Ii totally get where you are coming from and share the same fears.