Thursday, June 17, 2010


Oh how I am full of regrets right now. Last Friday we stopped at Burger King on our way out of town for dinner. This is what I posted at Kids with Food Allergies in regards to what happened...

Luke had about 1/4 of my Whopper with cheese (really less than that, because he wasn't very interested in it) and a couple french fries. A few minutes after we left, he threw up. We stopped and got him cleaned up, I didn't notice any hives or a runny nose. 30 or 40 minutes later he threw up again. We stopped, and this time he sneezed several times, and had a majorly runny nose after that for the rest of the evening. No hives - we gave him a dose of Benadryl, and he was very sleepy after that.

The bun had sesame seeds on it - the only other time he's had sesame seeds was in a cracker. He had a minor rash near his mouth after he ate it, but I was never sure if that was a reaction to the crack or something else. I plan to avoid sesame seeds in case, but should he see his allergist? When he had his ana reaction to peanuts his two big symptoms before the hives started were vomiting and lots of sneezing and mucus, so that's why I'm wondering if he was reacting.

First, I left a typo from paragraph two on purpose, because well, it's funny.

Second, I got several great responses from the people on the board. Well, great in that people were nice enough to respond to me and gave me some good information. But not so great in that now I'm pretty sure he had an anaphylactic reaction that night. And I responded by giving him Benadryl instead of an epi. I feel horrible. I've been crying. I feel like I failed my baby boy. And I am thanking GOD that everything turned out ok. I made an appointment with his allergist for next Thursday. I don't know if he reacted to the sesame seeds, but I'm hoping the allergist will test based on the rash he got after eating a cracker, and what happened last Friday.

Looking back, I am kicking the you know what out of myself. I think what kept me from thinking that it was an ana reaction was that he never got any hives. Completely different from his original ana reaction to peanuts. But as someone on the message board said, each reaction is different.

Edited to add 6/18 -

This morning a thought popped in my head. Luke tested +++ to egg with the patch test back in March. At the appointment with the GI doctor a few weeks ago, he pointed that out and said we may need to keep an eye on egg for Luke, that it may (but wouldn't necessarily) turn into an anaphylactic allergy. The burger I gave Luke had mayo on it, and there was egg in the mayo. Could he have reacted to that? I'm anxious to get in with the allergist to see what he thinks. I'm hoping he'll do a blood test for sesame and egg. Until then, we're avoid anything with egg or sesame in it.

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  1. Hi there, just headed over from West Metro Mommy's blog :) I've just joined the blog-o-spehere myself and look forward to following yours too!

    I'm sorry about your son - I can imagine the guilt one must feel, but we aren't perfect. You live and learn, and luckily your little guy is okay.