Thursday, July 15, 2010


Since realizing recently that Luke might have more than just a mild GI allergy to egg, we've started getting rid of anything that has egg or cross contamination with egg in our house, including pasta. In the past Luke stopped eating anything pasta related. At one time, when he first started eating solids, he loved mac and cheese, spaghetti, etc. Then he just stopped eating it. Kind of the same as he did with bananas - went from loving it one day, to refusing to touch it the next. Today I found pasta marked as vegan at Wegman's, so I bought several boxes. Made spaghetti tonight and put some on Luke's plate. I was expecting the same thing as usual - him playing with it for a few minutes, then throwing it to the dog. Didn't happen though - he LOVED it. So I'm left it a coincidence that he ate pasta for the first time in close to a year the same time that I bought pasta that wasn't contaminated with egg? Or did something feel different to him, and he was able to enjoy eating it?

The allergist has asked me several times if Luke had become a picky eater - he had. Feeding him the last several months has been difficult. I'm hoping that tonight means that as long as we have options that don't contain his allergens, he'll once again be a good eater.

Rosco is waiting for his usual dinner-time snack

No such luck tonight!

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