Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Food Allergy Treatment Study Survey

As posted on the Kids with Food Allergies board...


Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh is conducting a research study that looks at food-related allergic reactions in children that caused them to be seen by a medical professional for the FIRST TIME.

Parents (of food-allergic children) are invited to complete a brief questionnaire (15 minutes).

The goal of this study is to evaluate whether food-related allergic reactions are properly treated when it is not yet known that the child is prone to food allergies (the FIRST TIME the child is seen by a medical professional for a food-related allergic reaction).

This research hopes to raise awareness about food-related allergic reactions and anaphylaxis, a potentially fatal disorder, and emphasize to medical professionals the proper treatment for these reactions.

The survey can be found here

Please consider taking this survey if your child has required treatment for food allergy reactions. My feeling is that there are many medical professionals that are not completely aware of what needs to be done or addressed during major allergy reactions, and I'm hoping that studies such as this will help to solve that problem.

On a personal note, this survey was a little emotional for me. It brought back many memories from that day.

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