Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ho Hum Mum

That's how I've been feeling the last couple of days. I really want to post about a cute t-shirt that I made for both boys for the 4th of July, and will, but I need to get some allergy related stuff out.

I'm feeling so overwhelmed right now. I posted this last month about the follow up visit to the allergist after Luke's reaction to a Burger King burger. The doctor told us to avoid sesame, but didn't mention egg. We have been avoiding it anyway.

So that leads me to this week. Monday Luke ate some yogurt, and had a little left on his chin (he got away from me!). He was petting the dog, and some dog hair stuck to the yogurt on his chin. When I wiped it off, there was one hive on his chin, near where the dog hair was. It was the only one that popped up, but it was fairly large and stuck around for awhile before it disappeared. I looked online and found that dog allergies for food allergy kids are usually related to their saliva, not their hair. But that if hair gets on someone, it has more than likely been licked by the dog, so there is saliva present. I need to drag out the 500lb (exaggerating a tad) bag of dog food to check the ingredient listing. I'm crossing my fingers that his food contains egg or something else that Luke is sensitive to. Then we can toss the food and find something else. I just pray that this isn't the beginning of finding out that he is allergic to the dog. This is of course assuming it was the dog that caused the hive. He tested positive to milk on his patch test, so who knows? I sure don't these days.

And then there's today. Cody wanted french toast, but I was feeling lazy so I brought out a box of Trader Joe's french toast that we hadn't tried yet. Made some for both of us, and since no egg warning was on the label, gave a few pieces to Luke. He LOVED it, which was exciting as he's been picky lately. About 20 minutes later though he was rubbing his eyes like he was tired, and got a little whiny. That's when I noticed them - a cluster of hives around his mouth, on his chin and one on his cheek. Then while I was pinning him own trying to get a better look, one popped up on his eye brow and forehead. I read the box - listed in the middle of the ingredients it says, "may contain 2% or less of (insert several ingredients here) and egg". EGG. I lifted his shirt - no hives. Checked his back, arms and legs. None. I watched him like a hawk, but they all eventually disappeared without any other problems.

This is why I feel so overwhelmed. My mom's instinct is telling me that he has an egg allergy, and probably others. Not just GI, but good old fashioned food allergies. And that scares me. Keeping peanuts and tree nuts out of his diet has been scary enough. Worrying about other, especially sesame which isn't a top 8 and doesn't have to be declared on food labels, really scares me. What if I fail him? What if something like today happens again, and I give him something not realizing that it contains an allergen?

Oh, and the topper for me? I was reading Emily Vonder Meulen's story, and read some info on there about soy allergies. That there is some belief that if you have a peanut allergy, soy should be avoided also. That there is a "link" between severe peanut allergies and severe soy allergies. Great. Soy is in everything. I'm not a fan of soy products anyway, but almost every single processed item has soy in it. And now I have a paranoia that he will end up reacting to soy the same that he reacted to peanuts. I'm going to look into it more, but it's weighing a little heavy on my mind for now.

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