Thursday, July 8, 2010

Patriotic Craftiness

I posted awhile back that I'm trying to be more crafty. I need an outlet, and being crafty is something I've been interested in for awhile. I've started checking out various craft blogs, and came across this guest post by I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar. Cute! I love that it's a patriotic shirt that can be worn throughout the year. So I clicked over to her site. Pure heaven - crafts for boys! I've found that it's hard to find sites geared towards making stuff for boys, so this made my day.

On to the craft. I've never used freezer paper to make a stencil. Heck, I'd never even heard of freezer paper. I tried looking at Walmart as she mentioned. No luck. Tried Amazon, but only one seller offered it, and the shipping was more than the paper. Looked at various local stores, again, no luck. I finally found it at Bonus, free shipping!

Now, I'm a procrastinator. I start stuff with good intentions, but I tend to put things off until the last minute. Yep - I started this project about an hour before we were due to leave for the weekend. As in the Friday before the Fourth.

But, it WORKED! The stencil part took some time, but not a terrible amount. Painting was a breeze. The paint package said to allow 4 hours to dry. Psh, yeah right. Who has time for that? Nothing a hair dryer set to warm/low couldn't take care of.

And so I present, my first holiday inspired craft. Please excuse the four year old's expression. He's unable to be serious for pictures these days =)

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