Friday, August 6, 2010

Burger King Reaction Revisited, Scope Results, Frustration and Teeth

1. I'm not convinced that Luke's reaction in June after eating at Burger King wasn't anaphylactic. An anaphylactic reaction is defined by having 2 or more different areas of the body affected. Luke reacted that night with vomiting twice (GI Tract), sneezing and major nose congestion (Respiratory Tract), and severe sleepyness (either Cardiovascular or Neurological depending on if it was due to low blood pressure which would be cardio, or loss of consciousness which would be neuro). This chart here shows the grading of reactions - According to the chart, Luke's reaction that day could be either a 4 or a 5, depending on how his consciousness would be classified. His peanut reaction was a 4. I feel that his allergist is giving me wrong information, and possibly not listening to me as well as he should. I am also unhappy with the "emergency action plan" that he gave me (scribbled on a prescription pad), so we are in the process of finding another allergist.

2. We haven't met with the GI doctor for the follow up yet, but I did hear from the allergist's office, and the results are in. It showed some inflammation of the eosinophils, and they are recommending an avoidance diet. We see the GI doctor on Thursday, and from there we will be making an appointment with a new allergist.

3. Fairfax Hospital doesn't have any record of Luke's blood draw to test for egg and sesame allergies. None whatsoever. Super! So I guess that means we'll have to re-do it. Which will be fun, considering it took the hospital lab people forever to find a vein on Luke, and ended up having to take he blood from his neck. Not to mention I've waited 3 weeks for the results and still have nothing to show for it. I'm completely frustrated right now.

4. Cody has a tooth that is turning gray. He bumped it on Luke's head a few weeks ago, and last night I noticed that it is gray. So Monday will be his first trip to the dentist. Good times!

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  1. I would raise holy hell with Fairfax Hospital. You have all the records that you were there - while I would be pissed at the thought you'd have to redo everything too, a serious question to ask is "the tests were done, the results are somewhere - that is my son's medical information, it is private and confidential, it's out there and they don't know where it is?" That is a HUGE breach of handling of not only medical information but the medical information of a minor.