Thursday, August 12, 2010

GI Follow Up Visit

Today was the follow up visit from the endoscopy that Luke had in July. He said that it showed very little inflammation, so no further testing, etc needs to be done. Excellent news! I told him that the allergist's office mentioned talking about an avoidance diet and he wasn't against the idea - I guess the thought is that something is causing his delayed allergic reactions, so going through an avoidance diet may help figure out what it is. My issue of course is, I don't think I want to go back to the same allergist. At this point I have to decide if I'm going to try another allergist in the same office office, or start over completely with a different office.

I asked him about the blood test results, and I left there even more confused. Apparantly he has some kind of result from it - except whoever entered the results in did it incorrectly. So instead of an IgE result for egg, and one for sesame there is a combined number. He said the number wasn't alarmingly large, but in the food allergy world, it doesn't really matter how high or low it is. Someone can be off the charts and have no reaction, or someone can have a fairly low number (like Luke's IgE to peanuts) and be anaphylactic to it. The fact that there was some kind of result makes me want to get to the bottom of it even more. Did it dawn on me at the time to ask him for the total number? No. And I'm kicking myself for that, even though it wouldn't really tell me much. So, I guess I'll be calling the allergist office and telling them that the GI doctor has some kind of result from the test, even if it's not the most helpful one. Maybe they can get it straightened out. The GI doctor felt that since Luke was so difficult to get blood from, it wouldn't be worth sending him to a lab to have it done again. I disagree - yes, I hate to put him through that. And I'm not excited about the idea of holding him down while they look for a vein. But not knowing what could possibly cause another allergic reaction is difficult. The more answers I have, the more confident I am in keeping him safe.

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