Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Headboard Re-Do

I've been looking at headboards for quite awhile. I wasn't happy with the color scheme of my room - the wall color, while ok, was too close to the color of my bedding. I'm too lazy busy to repaint, so I started looking into what I could do to break the color up a little. Insert headboard. Everything I liked was out of my price range though, and I wasn't interested in getting something cheaper, that I knew I'd end up not being happy with. So when I saw the post for a queen size headboard on freecycle, I jumped on it, figuring the worst that could happen would be that I wouldn't like it, and I'd have to freecycle it on. This is what it looked like when my husband brought it home (ignore the torn up look of the room, another post on that another day)...

Notice the globes? One of the top ones fell off when my husband picked it up, and shattered. But that was ok, because I would have removed them anyway. I primered it...

...and painted it with Rustoleum's Hammered Copper spray paint. And Voila!


  1. Wow that came out great! I need to do some furniture painting myself.