Friday, September 24, 2010

Doctor Disappointment

Last week I made the decision to change allergists. A couple months back I decided to see a different allergist in the same practice, although I had some nagging feelings about the office in itself.

In March, after doing the blood work following his anaphylactic reaction to peanut butter, I called the allergist's office to get the results. The secretary then told me that Luke "passed the peanut challenge and could have peanuts". I pointed out to her that he didn't have a challenge, he had blood work done. She said it must be what the allergist called a blood test.

Um, no. A challenge and blood test are two totally different things. Thankfully I knew that, and knew it didn't sound right. She read a doctor's name to me, saying it was Luke's pediatrician. Again, no. Turns out she was reading SOMEONE ELSE'S chart to me. What if I hadn't known the difference, and had turned around and given Luke something with peanuts thinking it was ok?

So that's the basis of my discomfort with the office. Throw in general confusion at every appointment, the original allergist not knowing if there was egg in mayonnaise, and the lack of easy communication (his nurses, etc, seem to have trouble with English), and I wasn't too thrilled with the support staff.

Last week I called to find out where I was supposed to take Luke for his blood work - the allergist had said they would call my insurance company to get authorization for us to go to Fairfax Hospital's Children's lab since he is so difficult to get blood from. When I talked to the secretary, not only did she not know anything about it, she was nasty with me. That was my final straw - I made an appointment with the allergist/immunologist at the lung center that he's going to for pulmonology, and requested that his file from the original allergist be sent there. I'm hoping that this will be our final switch, and that we will be happy with the treatment we receive from there.

He doesn't see her until mid October though, and I have a strong suspicion right now that he has pneumonia again. It started as a cold that he caught from his brother, and has morphed into heavy/hard breathing. I've been doing the breathing treatments and his inhaler, but it hasn't seemed to be helping. For now I'm waiting until the doctor's office opens in an hour - I'm hoping they can get us in right away, and that I'm wrong.

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  1. Oh how scary! Good for you for trusting your mama instincts and switching doctors. That's ridiculous!! Good luck with the new doctor.