Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pneumonia, Take Five

More illness, another trip to the ER.

Luke's official diagnosis was asthma trouble and pneumonia. The poor boy can't get a break. This was the result of catching Cody's cold earlier in the week. We spent five hours there, and left with steroid and antibiotic prescriptions. During our stay he had an hour long nebulizer treatment, dose of steroids, a second short neb treatment, chest xray, and a nap while his Pulse Ox levels were monitored.

He is on a regime of nebulizer treatment every four hours. The first 48 hours he got it round the clock. Now it's just during waking hours.

Did I mention that my husband was out of town during all of this? Awesome.

DH is home now though, good timing too, because I was to the point of being pretty darn tired.

We saw the pulmonologist today, she said we are to continue drugs as we already were. Tomorrow we meet with the new allergist/immunologist. We need to get his immune deficiency figured out.

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  1. Hey. You know if you need me to (particularly on a morning when both older boys are in school) I would be HAPPY to come over and let the littles hang out together while you get a nap, right? :)