Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cards, Cards Everywhere!

It’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas/Holiday cards, is it? That’s my new motto anyway, after I learned my lesson last year. I put off looking into cards, because I was too busy. Then I couldn’t seem to get pictures of the boys that I felt were worthy of being on a photo card. Next thing I knew, Christmas had come and gone, and I hadn’t sent any cards. First time in years that I didn’t send Christmas cards, and it still makes me cringe. So I’m getting an early start this year.

The other day I received some information that bloggers can earn 50 free cards by reviewing their 2010 Christmas/Holiday card collection. I decided to jump on the opportunity, and boy was I impressed.

Their Christmas Card section has 748 cards to choose from! And these are beautiful, well designed cards. I was also pleased to see that they offer Holiday Story Cards. I've never been one to send a yearly letter, but including a few events is a nice touch in holiday cards. Their Holiday Story Cards make that easy, and the cards are sweet. My favorite is the How Holly Story. A sweet, clean design with just enough room to share a tidbit about each person. Stationery Cards are another great product offered by Shutterfly. Same beautiful designs and photos, but with a writable section for including your own handwritten message.

So which one do I plan on using? It's a hard choice, and a lot depends on what kind of pictures I can get of the boys. One good one of the both of them? Or individual photos? With the card collection, I have lots to choose from for either. If I can get one good pictures of them, I'm leaning toward The Love Stockings card, I adore the sweet stockings in the photo. Boys won't cooperate, and I end up with photos of one crying, or one picking on the other? I'm looking at The Much Merry Christmas card. I just love the blue and red design of the card.

You really can't go wrong with the Shutterfly Card Collection, there are so many different cards, styles and color choices to choose from.

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