Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mama Made Shirts

As I've mentioned before, I want to be more crafty.

For months now I've been saving links to cool craft projects online, collecting supplies, and having big dreams of stuff to get into. Not a whole lot has actually been done though, partly for lack of time, partly for lack of motivation, and partly because of my fear of messing up.

But really - who cares if I mess up? Most of the supplies I have were very inexpensive. So it wouldn't be a tragedy if something didn't turn out right. No one but me would know if a project I attempted ended horribly, so I decided to jump in.

Last night I locked myself into my craft/guest/storage room, and got to work. I'm pretty happy with the results...

Luke's Camo Mickey Shirt

Cody with his Cars Sheriff Shirt

Showing off Red from Cars

The Mickey shirt was made using a Mickey template I found here, and scrap fabric from a pair of old camo pants. Both Cars shirts are made from Cars fabric that I've had forever (was meant to be made into a pillow for Cody about two years ago, oops). For all three, I ironed the appliques onto adhesive backed paper, ironed that onto the shirts, and then sewed around the edges.

The sewing was the hardest part for me. Red was the first shirt, and the stitching isn't that great. But I'm ok with that - I got better with the other two shirts, and that's what matters =)

Today I attempted to sew a baby blanket. It was supposed to be for a friend's shower, that has already passed. As I said, lack of time and motivation. The blanket didn't go nearly as well as the shirts. Two hours later I was mumbling to myself, cussing at the sewing machine, and generally grumpy. I shall try again tomorrow.

Upcoming craftiness:
Making Luke's Robin costume to go with Cody's store bought Batman one, silhouettes of the boys turned into stocking holders, and zazzing up some of my boring shirts.



  1. Great job. My son would love the cars shirts, he hasn't gotten into mickey yet. I'd love it if you'd link up to my Top-toberfest link party. I'm celebrating tops and tees all week long. Feel free to link up any other tops or tees that you have made as well.


  2. I love the camo Mickey!! so cute