Sunday, October 17, 2010

Skin Prick and Blood Test Results

We met with Luke's allergist/immunologist Friday.

His IgG levels have gone up since his initial test in August, which is excellent news. It's still on the lower end, but it pretty much doubled in that short period of time. We're still working on determining if he has some kind of deficiency.

For the food allergy portion of his blood work, we got some good news, and some expected news. He tested negative to crab and shrimp, which we were very happy to hear about as we're around both fairly often. The expected news? He tested positive to egg and sesame. The level for sesame was fairly low, so we go back in late November for an in office food challenge (IOFC). We'll have to bring in some kind of cracker that has sesame seeds on it, and he'll eat it slowly in office while being closely monitored. If he passes that, we can stop worrying about sesame which will be great. Sesame isn't one of the Top-8 allergens, so companies are not required to label for them. Anything that says "spices" in the ingredient list could include sesame. It's a bit of a pain in the butt to deal with!

The level for egg was higher than sesame, but still on the lower end. Which initially made the allergist want to do an IOFC for egg also. But once she saw that his peanut levels weren't much higher, and he had an anaphylactic reaction to peanuts, and I told her about another reaction that he had to egg not long after the mysterious anaphylactic reaction after eating at Burger King, she decided to hold off.

From there we moved on to the skin prick test. It was a series of 14 pricks on his back - this is when things got bad for him :( He handled it well, but he cried a lot. Once they were done, we had to wait 20 minutes for the results, but he just wanted to leave. He got his shoes on, and kept slapping the door saying "all done!".

Of the 14 tests (ranging from mold to pollen to pet dander), he tested positive to three things. Two of them were environmental - cats and dogs. The one food that she tested, egg, was a major reactor. Any wheal over 8mm is considered an indicator of a probable reaction to whatever is being tested. Anything over 13mm is considered to be a serious reaction. Luke's was 17mm. Because of this we are going with the conclusion that his anaphylactic reaction after eating mayonnaise at Burger King was to the egg in the mayo, and we will continue to avoid egg like the plague :) Blood test will be done again in a year to see if there has been any improvement. Most kids outgrow egg allergies by age five.

His wheals for dog and cat were much smaller, but were positive. Per the allergist, it's not bad enough that we need to remove our animals from the house, but we have to make some changes and take some precautions to minimize his contact. Most of the changes involve his bedroom.

He received the flu shot. The flu vaccine has small amounts of egg in it, so she wanted it done under her supervision, just in case. I was a little nervous about that part, but due to his asthma and pneumonia history, it was extremely important that he get the vaccine, so we went ahead. Thankfully it went without any problems.

All in all, it was a good visit. We definitely got some answers, and I have to say that I am highly impressed with the doctor that we are seeing now.

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