Monday, November 1, 2010

DIY Robin Costume

This year's costumes were selected by a matter of a great deal - one day while Cody was in school, Luke and I went into Old Navy with a sweet little 40% off coupon burning a hole in my pocket. All kids items were already marked down 40% in the store - including costumes. Cody loves Batman, and they had one left in his size, so bingo! 40% off store sale + 40% off coupon = incredibly cheap costume. And of course, every Batman needs a Robin, so Luke's costume was decided as well.

I looked around briefly for a Robin costume, and while there were a few to choose from on eBay, and they weren't terribly expensive, I decided to make one my own. Going by a couple pictures of Robin that I found online, I started searching around my house for what I needed.

I already had a plain long sleeve red shirt that I had picked up at Walmart for $3.50 - it was part of my "I'll eventually do something with this" stash. I didn't have the right shade of green for pants, so back to Walmart I went, and found a pair in the girl's dept for $3.50. I raided the Goodwill bag, and found a yellow tshirt that I decided would work perfect for the details on the costume. And finally some black felt to finish out the details.

Everything is attached using Heat n' Bond. I had every intention of sewing everything down for extra security, but my sewing machine and I weren't getting along, so I didn't. It held up well for the most part, although the R disappeared before the end of the evening.

For the cape I just free hand cut it out, using the tshirt as a guide, and attached with velcro on the shoulders.

I was pretty pleased with it - not too bad for my first attempt at making a costume!


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