Monday, November 8, 2010

Early Intervention

I took the plunge today - I finally called our county's Early Intervention program for Luke. It's kind of funny - this time last year we were doing the same thing because he wasn't crawling or walking yet (well, he started crawling at 11 months, a week after our first EI meeting).

This time it's for not talking. It's not that Luke doesn't talk - he just doesn't talk much. He has a few words/phrases down. He can say...

I did it!

Uh oh!

Oh dear!

All done!


What's that?



Baba (bottle, my fault as it's what I've always called it with both boys)

Mama, dada

Some of these are pretty clear - some of them are clear to me, but probably not as clear to others that don't hear it on a regular basis.

My biggest concern is that he doesn't ever repeat simple words that he's constantly asking about. For example, last winter he started pointing at his ceiling fan and saying, what's that? And we tell him fan, but he has never said the word. He points at some things all the time, such as cat, dog, shoes, nana, papa, etc, and asks what's that. There are times that we go through a lonnnnng stretch of vocab lessons, where he will go from one object to another, asking what it is. He doesn't say Cody, although I do think he tries as he will occasionally point at Cody and say "dee!". Some words, such a tree and outside, he said once or twice many months ago, but never again.

I think if he finally started saying cat, dog, ball, etc after repeatably asking us what they are, I would feel a lot better and not worry so much. But because he hasn't progressed past asking what the words are, I do worry some.

He understands a LOT though. I can tell him to do something, like put something in the trash, take his socks off, etc and he'll do it without hesitating. So I'm not terribly worried. I have a feeling Luke will start when he's good and ready to, just like the crawling and walking. But I don't want to continue putting meeting with EI off, if meeting with them sooner rather than later will help him some. One thing I've struggled with is not comparing him to Cody. Cody walked at 9.5 months (not just cruising around the coffee table, I mean took off walking full force), and was able to have simple conversations with us at 18 months. Because of that, I've had to fight the urge to think, Oh no, Luke is way behind Cody. But at the same time, I don't want to do Luke a disservice by not getting assistance if he needs it.

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  1. Good for you, hon. I think you did the right thing - NOT because he necessarily needs it but because it doesn't hurt a thing and because it will put your mind at ease. We went through the same thing with Ian - his expressive language was also low, but his receptive language was CRAZY high. Putting him in school at almost 3 was the best thing we could have done, no lie.