Monday, November 1, 2010

Holiday Series I: Halloween

We did it! We made it through Halloween without a hitch!

I'll start with a confession - I had candy yesterday that had peanuts and/or peanut butter in it. And it was GOOD.

I took every precaution that I could though - had my treats in the kitchen, far from where Luke was. Cleaned up well afterwards (counter top, hands, mouth). And made sure that the candy was never anywhere near him.

As for Trick or Treating, Luke kind of made it easy for us - he passed out before we were able to leave the house. The poor boy wore himself out practicing being Robin! My husband and I took Cody to a few houses while my parents watched Luke, and once we got home, we took anything out that was peanuty. Nothing came home with us that was unsafe for Luke.

I planned ahead of time for having to remove some things from the candy bowl - I bought Halloween size packages of Twizzlers and Skittles, as well as Goldfish. The easy part is that Cody is happy with any kind of candy, so there was no arguing as long as he had his sugary goodness. And Luke is still pretty clueless about all of it. Next year might not be so easy, but it was nice having such an easy time this year.

Next up, Luke's birthday! I'm already working on food for the guests, and the celebration sweets (cupcakes!).

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