Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Tee for the Little Man

I've been more crafty over the last 2 days, than I have been the entire time between Halloween and now! But I've been really enjoying it, staying home with my boys and getting some fun craftiness done.

Today at Michael's I found a nifty little cookie cutter set - literally little, they're miniature Christmas themed cutters. It was a cube of about 6 cutters, for $.49, score! What caught my attention was the mitten cutter, it was just too cute.

When the boys went down for their naps, I looked over the cutters, and decided that the mitten one would make a cute tshirt for the little man. I found a plain navy blue long sleeve teeshirt, and some Christmas-y colored scraps.

I traced the mitten onto paper, then used that as a template for the fabric. Ironed the mitten fabric onto some Heat n Bond, and then ironed onto the shirt (which is when I realized they were both right hand mittens, oops!). It was cute, but the mittens kind of looked like Christmas-y goldfish with lumps on them. Some matching Merry Christmas ribbon (also found at Michael's, 60% off) did the trick =)

Little man is sleeping, so his bear was nice enough to model the shirt for me...

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