Monday, December 20, 2010

Shrimp = Success! And Christmas Planning {possible previous reaction?}

We finally got around to having Luke try shrimp. I wanted the conditions to be right - my husband HAD to be home. There was no way I was going to give Luke the last of the top 8 most common food allergens without my husband being around. And I really wanted to do it when we were with other people, just in case a trip to the ER was necessary, so there would be someone to watch Cody. Kind of sad that you have to plan so much for a kid to try a new food, huh? So last night we had dinner at my parents' house, and my mom steamed a few shrimp. Luke has become really picky, mostly with baked goods and sweets though, and I was afraid he wouldn't eat it. So I chopped a shrimp up, and put it on the plate with the other food he was eating. He gobbled it up, with no issues whatsoever! This is a huge relief, especially since our family is around shellfish a lot.

Christmas Eve we will spend at my mom's sister's house, something we do every year. Last year we didn't know about Luke's allergies. He was almost 14 months old, and was a month past his first experience with pneumonia. That night, Luke vomited a lot towards the end of the evening. It was really hot in their house, from the wood stove burning, and we attributed the vomiting to that, thinking he was just overheated. Looking back now though, the vomiting is very similar to what we now know of as a sign of a food reaction. We weren't super careful about what he ate that night, so I honestly have no idea what all he did eat. There were various cookies and candies within his reach, and the food was catered. It's a beautiful chaos every year at Christmas Eve with the family, so anyone could have given him anything without me knowing. I do feel strongly that it was probably his first adverse food reaction.

This year, my aunt won't be putting any kind of nut products out. Not only for the risk of him eating one, but for the cross contamination risk. Someone eating nuts, then using their hand to touch food that would otherwise be safe for Luke is pretty scary. I've also asked her to keep any cookies or candies that don't contain nuts out of his reach - again, cross contamination risks, plus his egg allergy.

I'm a little nervous, mostly just because it's scary taking your food allergic kid to anyone else's house where food that you have very little control over is going to be served. But I know that my family will do what it takes to be careful, and I know that as long as I'm diligent, everything will be fine.

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  1. I had my first potluck experience with Coop last's a hard realization that we are going to have to be careful for the rest of his life. Yay for safe shrimp!!