Wednesday, January 19, 2011

AmeriColor Food Coloring and Allergens

AmeriColor #1 Color Kit Soft Gel Paste Food Color, 12 Pack

I'm starting to plan for Cody's birthday party (trash truck theme, it's been a challenge so far), and contacted AmeriColor about our set of allergens.


I am writing to learn if your gel food colorings contain or have any contact with nut or egg products.

Thank you!


And this was their response...

We have no nuts or tree nuts in our facility. We do have egg albumen, but it isn’t filled on the color line. Thank you for your interest in AmeriColor.

The egg not being made on the same line is within my comfort zone, so I'll be buying some of their food coloring! I've heard great things about it, and I'm excited to use it for his cake this year.


  1. That's good news! I'm so grateful that Coop can have things with egg in them, even though he's tested positive for egg allergy. Love the trash truck theme and oh my goodness Cooper would be over the moon for that theme!!! He got Stinky the Garbage truck for Christmas! :)

    Love the new blog look btw!

  2. Thank you Kristen! Luke has had foods with baked in egg in the past, before his ana reaction to mayonnaise over the summer without any problems. But now he refuses any kind of baked goods, so we don't know if he's ok with baked egg or not.