Thursday, January 6, 2011

Success and Uh-oh!

March 4th will be the one year anniversary of Luke's first anaphylactic reaction - but I just called in to get a refill for a new Epi-Pen as the ones we have expire in February. What a feeling to know that we made it this long without having to use our original set of Epi-Pens (although there was that one pesky time that we should have used it, that continues to weigh heavy on my mind). I'm looking forward to getting his new set, and practicing giving an Epi shot on an orange with the old one. Not that I hope to ever have to use the practice, but I've heard interesting things of what happens to an orange after it's been injected =)

This brings about a reminder though. Today we went to an open gym play area for kids, and the boys had a great time running loose with their friends. There's a no food policy there, but I still kept my eye on him, as he was working hard at stealing other kids' cups. As we were getting ready to leave, I looked up to see him with a cracker in each hand, happily munching on them. Crackers that I, nor anyone that I know, gave him. I'm assuming he stole them from someone's bag, but I don't know. I snatched them away from him as fast as I could, but he had taken several bites. They weren't anything I'd ever seen before, so I have no idea what the brand was. A bit of a panic moment there, but thankfully he didn't have any kind of reaction. Can't take my eyes off of that boy for a second!


  1. That must have been so scary. I try my best to keep Cooper away from stuff and he's old enough now that he knows there could be nuts, and he will ask me.

    About the reaction - don't beat yourself up about it. Although, I'm sure I would as well. You didn't know and in a panic moment you made a decision. Now you know more about what to look for. And Luke is fine :)


  2. WOW! I can't believe it's almost been a year already. It goes so fast!
    Woman, you need to forgive yourself over that and try to stop thinking about it so much. Everything is alright and he is fine. So many other parents would have done the same thing. Big hugs to you on that part, I know it's hard to let go of.

    LUKE! You are gonna give your momma a heart attack!! I never really thought of that either, as fast as he is, how he could just go and steal something as simple as a cracker could be so bad for him.

    Praying things go well this year for Luke, no reactions!

  3. Congratulations on being 1 year since your last reaction. I have found that role playing allergy situations with my little guy really helps, because they don’t always know what to do or say in situations. We take turns being him, practicing what to do when someone tries to give him something to eat or asked him about his allergies.
    Allergy Mum -