Saturday, February 19, 2011

Doctor Appointment Round-up {Pulmonologist & ENT} and Dairy Free

This past week was a little busy for us as Luke had Speech Therapy on Monday, a hearing test on Thursday and a routine visit to the Pulmonologist on Friday. Throw in Valentines Day, and a couple of picture perfect 70 degree days which required trips to the playground, and it was a crazy-fun-busy week.

The hearing test went so-so. He wouldn't wear the headphones, so I sat in the booth with him, and they played weird sounds over the speakers. The sounds would start out low and gradually get louder. I noticed right away that he wasn't reacting to the lower sounds, and only turned to find where they were coming from when they got to almost full volume. She measured the level of pressure in his ears, and it was on the higher end. An hour or so later we finally got to meet with the doctor. He asked me why we were there, and I told him that early intervention said he should be tested due to the speech delay. The doctor said he was happy they did that, because Luke's hearing was below the "normal" line, and that at his age, it should be above it. He looked into his ears, and said there was lots of fluid.

He gave me two options - prescription nose spray which may reduce the amount of fluid, and help him to hear better, or tubes. I told him that Luke is on Nasonex, and has been since September, and he said he definitely recommended tubes then, because it's what he would have put him on. So Luke is scheduled to have tubes put in on March 4th. We're crossing our fingers that it helps a lot with his speech.

The pulmonologist visit went great. She was impressed that he hasn't needed albuterol in the last two months, and brought his inhaler dosage from 110 back down to 44. She also gave me a prescription for a different nose spray that has a generic, which will save us quite a bit as Nasonex is pretty expensive. Not only that, but she gave me a one month full size sample of Flovent and Nasonex. Love that office! They really are awesome.

Now on to the dairy. On Monday Luke will be taken off of Cow's milk and yogurt. This is my decision, as a one month trial to see if it helps with his delayed food allergies. Since birth Luke has had constipation, sometimes going 7-10 times a day, tiny hard pellets each time. The GI doctor put him on Miralax last summer, but it's not something I want him on indefinitely. I would love to be able to find what's causing the constipation, and eliminate it so we can get him off Miralax. So dairy is the first target, and then we'll go from there.

The biggest challenge will be making sure that he gets the vitamins, calories and fat that he needs. I'll make sure that it happens though =)


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  2. Melinda, The dairy does cause major constipation issues, we had a horrible time with it. I can tell you a little trick to help as well as going on the full fat soy milk (Wegman's Sells a 3 pack for just 5.99, and the Dollar Tree stores have the small shelf stable boxes!!!) We would use a little Karo Syrup in some no sugar added apple juice. It really helps! Miralax is great but you need really only half what they tell you. You can "step down" the amount you give him which will re-train his body to push it out on its own. :) Hang in there momma- us southern mommas have more grit than most. :)