Saturday, March 12, 2011

Food Allergy Frustrations

1. The parents in Florida who have been protesting a six year old's right to a safe education has me going through a mixture of emotions, mostly anger toward them, sadness for the girl who is in the middle of it all, and fear for my own son, knowing that he will one day be heading off to school himself. Learn more about this story here.

2. Wegmans, how unhappy I am with you right now. Wegmans is a grocery store that is relatively new to my area. Well, it's been here a couple years now I guess, but I've only been shopping there for the last few months. Last summer, when I first started realizing that Luke might have issues with egg, I purchased Wegman's brand of pasta. It was labeled as vegan, meaning egg and dairy free. For the first time in his life, he would eat pasta.  He gobbled that stuff up! Still does. Even though I loved that he loved their pasta, it took me awhile to really like shopping there. It's still not a favorite place, but I've grown to love their labeling practices, and that they offer foods, such as pasta, that I can't find egg or nut free elsewhere.

Earlier this week, I read a message from someone on a message board that their Wegmans pasta was no longer egg free. My heart sank, but I crossed my fingers that our store wouldn't be the same. I went there this morning with the intention of buying as much egg free pasta that I could. As soon as I saw the shelf though, I knew I was in trouble. The boxes look completely different. Sure enough, the label now reads "may contain egg".  Their more expensive line of store brand pasta ($1.70 a box) is still labeled as vegan. The line is of course, more expensive, but is also more limited as far as the types of pasta that is offered.

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