Monday, March 7, 2011

Once, Twice, Three Times Checked

Back when we first learned of Luke's peanut allergy, I read something on an allergy message board that stuck with me. Check all food items three times before giving them to your food allergy child.

1. In the store, before you buy the item.
2. At home, as you're putting the item away.
3. At home, before you serve the item.

This has done me well over the last year. There were many times that I didn't buy something because of an allergy statement. There were times that I got home, looked at the item, and realized I forgot to check in the store.

Maybe being at this for a year has made me a little lax, but tonight I found two items in my pantry (well, one in my fridge that had already been USED), that have peanut, treenut and egg warnings on them. Thank goodness for my 3 time checking rule.

The first was a container of Rachael Ray Beef Stock. Dairy, egg, tree nuts, wheat, peanuts, soybeans, fish and shellfish are mentioned as possibly also being processed in the same facility as the beef stock. I suspect this is a case of hyper labeling, otherwise known as CYA (cover your ass). But, I don't take any risks.

The second was a container of free range chicken broth from Trader Joe's. I used this container last week, in something that Luke didn't eat. After reading the statement on RR's stock, I checked. This one says made on equipment shared with wheat, milk, eggs, tree nuts and shellfish. My goal for tonight is to go through my pantry and double check everything, since these two slipped past me.

Finally, Friday night we ordered Domino's pizza. Cody wanted his usual cheesy bread sticks. I wanted to get something that would provide more food for them, since they usually run out. I almost ordered cheese pizza with white sauce, as Cody won't eat the red pizza sauce. At the last second I checked their Allergen Warnings. Sure enough, the white sauce contains egg. I've checked the chart before, and my memory was that everything but the Lava Cakes (made in the same facility as peanuts/tree nuts) and creamy dressings (egg) were safe. So either I never noticed the egg in white sauce, or it has changed.

Lesson learned - check every.single.time!

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  1. It is so easy to make a mistake. Good catch. We use that same three check system. Many times a fourth check of re-reading just prior to opening.
    Allergy Mum -