Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Organizing Pictures + A Picture Craft

When Cody was little I had a picture system that worked well for me. The last day of each month, I uploaded all the pictures from that month to either Snapfish or Shutterfly, and printed them. When they came in the mail a few days later, I immediately put them in a photo album. That system went out the window right around the time Luke was born, and I'm currently a little over a year behind with the photo albums, and 8 or 9 months behind with printing. I have them in nice, neat stacks by date though! Someday I'll get caught up.

The other day, I went through some of the portraits we've had done by pro photographers since Luke was born, and I picked out several to finally frame. One was easy, I had a nice frame to hold several. But then I was faced with a frame that I didn't really care for. Just not my style.

So I took it apart, and spray painted it.

Once that dried, I used double sided tape to attach some cute scrapbook paper to the insert that came with the frame. Attached some pictures with more double sided tape. And voila! A cute, funky, frame for my boys and me. Little Luke is 3 months old here, and it was right around Cody's 3rd birthday. Such babies!

Photos by the amazing Nicole Benitez


  1. Wow - that's right around when we first met! :) Also, I think I have that scrapbooking paper too. Is it backed with sort of a dusty aqua?

  2. I think so - I buy it at Michael's. I love it so much that I stock up every time I'm there :)