Saturday, April 16, 2011

Words and Test Results

Luke started saying dish (or maybe this? it's hard to tell) a few days ago. Two days ago he said eat. I was strapping him into his highchair for dinner, and he said "eat". I said, "what did you say?". He started poking me in the arm saying "eat, eat, eat, eat". It was awesome. He hasn't said it since though. He'll still say dish/this when you prompt him, most of the time anyway.

For speech therapy this week, she wants us to work on getting him to say up and down, and to not jump to do things for him unless he verbalizes what he wants. For example, if something gets stuck and he can't get it out, we're to try and get him to say help, or down. It doesn't have to be the entire word, something approximate works. If he doesn't, then we're to move him on to something else. We're also supposed to help him with the correct sounds for some of the words that he says. He has been pointing at our dog, and other dogs, and saying "da". She wants us to emphasize the "G" sound.

We got the blood test results back, and most came back normal. One came back abnormal, his lymphocyte levels. Normal is 2000-8000, his was over 9700. We're to take him back to re-test in two weeks, and if they're still abnormal, they'll send us to a hematologist.

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