Friday, June 24, 2011

An Update {beach + speech} + Visit with the Allergist

Wow, it's been awhile. The days have been flying by since Cody got out of school. We left the following Friday for the beach, and spent a week in Garden City, SC. We rented a townhouse on the beach, and it was amazing. A week of walking out of the garage, going a few steps, and plopping down on the sand for a few hours of water + sand fun. We were within walking distance of the pier and arcades, so Cody made sure he was able to visit one or the other just about every morning that we were there. Both boys had a great time. I can definitely see them being little beach boys!

A crabby friend we met at the beach

One of the favorite afternoon past times on the balcony

Luke's speech therapy hasn't had many changes. Next Friday we are meeting with his therapist and the service coordinator, and the therapist is asking for us to receive one hour, once a week, instead of the 30 minutes once a week that we're getting now. The 30 minutes just goes by way too fast. I'm hoping once we move to an hour we'll start seeing more changes. He does have some new words. He says nah now for no. He can say "ah, ah, ah, HOO!" for sneezing (Cody taught him that one!). He'll say pop when he's popping bubbles. Various words like that. His therapist has said he's a puzzle. She says he still shows some signs of apraxia, but sometimes he does things that aren't typical for apraxia. Because of that, I have made an appointment for him to have a thorough evaluation done by a private speech therapy company that specializes in apraixa and the PROMPT therapy style that works so well with apraxia. That will happen on the 30th. I really wanted to have the eval done before his evaluation with the county's Child Find program (which is where it will be determined if he qualifies for help through the school system once he turns 3, and if he does qualify, what kind of help he would receive). Child Find is dragging their feet on scheduling his eval, so it looks like my wish will come true.

Luke saw his allergist this week. I've said it before, and I'll say it again...I love her. She's just one of those amazing doctors that you feel comfortable with. The visit was mostly because I needed her to fill out a form for his preschool so they will keep an Epi Pen on hand for him. I also wanted to speak with her about delayed food allergies, and if they could play a role in the failure to thrive, plus a couple other issues - she doesn't think they do. I also asked her if we could do his blood work in July instead of August, when he has other blood work done. She said yes, so in July we will be drawing blood to test his peanut, tree nut and egg IgE numbers. She mentioned we may do an in office food challenge for egg if the numbers have gone down any. Not too sure how I feel about that, so we'll see.

Finally, Luke's pulmonologist has taken him off of his inhaler for the next 2 months! He'll go back on it for a month before seeing her in September, and the hope is that there won't be any difference between when he's on it, compared to when he's off, and we'll take him off indefinitely. His last dosage was 10 days ago, and so far so good!

Also, I am experimenting with following along with 1+1+1=1 and their Tot School ideas.  We did a unit this week for the letter Jj (because it was ocean related, and the boys are still excited about the beach trip), and it went pretty well.  Next week we will try the Aa unit, and I hope to do a new letter each week.  If it goes well, I will be posting about it here.

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