Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Apraxia - PROMPT Diagnosis

As mentioned, I recently took Luke to a PROMPT therapist in our area. She also happens to be a PROMPT instructor. We received the written evaluation in the mail a few days ago, and it was a little hard to read at times. There is a lot in there about his jaw usage. Basically, he is unable to control his jaw to produce most sounds. He also doesn't consistently use his lips during speech. Which is why "bye" comes out as "da".

Luke presents with significant motor speech control difficulties with secondary speech/language delay resulting in very limited verbal communication skills.

While his language system appears to be intact and cognitive skills appear strong, expressive language skills are severely delayed, related directly to his lack of speech motor control.

Therefore, it is strongly recommended that Luke participate in speech therapy sessions for at least one hour per week with a PROMPT trained speech language pathologist.

And finally...

Luke has parents who are fully invested in his development.

The paragraphs (and there was a lot more than I shared) about what is causing his speech delay made me cry. Hasn't he been through enough?

It makes me angry that we drove all the way to Charlottesville, and spent a lot of money, to see a developmental pediatrician that couldn't bother to spend more than 10 minutes with him. His biggest observation was that Luke's cognitive skills were fine, and that there were no signs of autism. Well DUH. I KNEW that. That knowledge doesn't fix the problem that he does have though!

The reason the wait list for the majority of developmental pediatricians is so long is that so few of them take the time to really evaluate a child. A child with possible neurological problems doesn't need a 10 minute evaluation. They need a thorough one.

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