Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Blood Test Results and Food Challenge

We received some exciting news yesterday. The results are back from the blood test that we did for peanuts, tree nuts and egg, and they were pretty amazing!

Egg is down to 0.72, and peanuts were down to less than 0.35, which is considered NEGATIVE!

Luke's numbers were always relatively low, always in the moderate level range (which runs from 0.71-3.50).

In March 2010, following Luke's anaphylactic reaction to peanut butter, his number for peanut was 2.76.

In October 2010, Luke was tested for Egg White, Sesame Seed, Crab and Shrimp.

Crab and Shrimp were both <0.35 Sesame was 0.82 (and he went on to pass an IOFC for sesame a month later)
Egg White was 1.55 - at the time the allergist wanted to do an IOFC for baked egg, but a skin prick test showed a large wheel so the doctor decided to hold off.

I was (and still am) in shock. I'm being cautiously optimistic. On July 26th we will be taking Luke to the allergist's office for an in office food challenge (IOFC) for egg. Assuming all goes well that day, we'll then schedule the IOFC for peanut.

It's amazing to think that we could have gone from a horrible reaction like the peanut reaction to having possibly outgrown it in less than 18 months.

Obviously we won't know for sure until an IOFC is done, as any reaction trumps blood test results. Blood test results don't necessarily predict the severity of an allergy. Some kids like Luke can have low numbers, but have a near fatal reaction. Others can have super high numbers (the results can come back higher than 100), and never react. Because of this I'm trying to not get too excited. But I obviously have hope that my prayers have been answered, and that Luke won't have to deal with allergies for his entire life. The thoughts of not worrying about him being out of my sight, him being able to enjoy birthday parties and trips to an ice cream parlor, among all of the other things every kid should be able to enjoy, are hard to resist right now.

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  1. Our blood test results didn't completely match the skin prick results, and Coop's actual reactions didn't necessarily match either test. It feels like such a crap shoot that I feel like the only way to know for sure is to do I office testing. Of course, we did that at his pediatrician with peanut butter, and he had a reaction but we thought it was just because it was sticky ( he kind of gags, but now says it makes his mouth "itchy"). I hope that Luke's test results are a true indication that he's grown out of this!!! I just discovered Coop's allergic to melon as well...sigh...