Tuesday, July 26, 2011

In Office Food Challenge - EGG

I'm obnoxiously excited to say that Luke PASSED the egg challenge!

We got started around 9am, and it wasn't the best of starts.

Quarter teaspoon of scrambled egg to start, and Luke spit it out right away. We were finally able to get it in his mouth, and he swallowed most of it. But not before getting it all over his hands and around his mouth. A few minutes later he had red splotches on his face (not hives, just red marks). I was very worried. The doctor felt it was a contact reaction, and we repeated the dose. This time he didn't spit out as much, but there were a couple red spots (again, not hives) that appeared then disappeared quickly. The third dose, they gave us a paper towel with soap and water to wipe off his face. He didn't spit any out from then on, but we also used the paper towel to clean his hands and face, and the splotches never appeared.

The next 4 hours went by without any issues. Luke didn't care for the eggs (I wouldn't have either - prepared without any seasoning or milk, and more cold than warm by that point). But he was a trooper and ate what we gave him, and didn't have any other reaction at all.

His doctor felt that the red splotches were just a matter of his super sensitive skin acting up. He's having a lot of eczema and dry skin issues now, and was already a little rashy on his belly from being in the pool on Sunday. If he had any other sign of a reaction they would have stopped the test, and declared it a fail. But all vitals (they took his blood pressure following every dose) were good, and no hives, vomiting, swelling, coughing, trouble breathing, etc.

He has to stay away from eggs for the next 2 days to be sure there isn't a delayed reaction. But otherwise, we have a green light for egg! We'll be doing the peanut challenge in mid-August.


  1. Glad to hear it all went well! Luke is quite a trooper--if it had been Lillie, no way would she have eaten any of the egg!

  2. I think it helped that he didn't get to eat before the challenge, so he was pretty hungry! He would take the bites that we gave him, and shudder while eating it, so I don't think it was a huge hit taste wise :)