Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Child Find and Developmental Pediatrician

Some good news! Yesterday we received a call that the developmental pediatrician that Luke was too see in December had some cancellations, and we've been moved up to this Thursday! I'm hoping that the doctor will give us an actual diagnosis so that insurance will cover private speech therapy starting next month.

Today was our IEP meeting with Child Find. I was prepared to duke it out with them, but it went well. They are giving Luke 60 minutes a week, in our home. The only thing I wasn't happy with is that he will be getting a resource teacher. I wanted to fight for a speech therapist, but apparently the county does not provide one until down the road if the child starts talking and has articulation problems. I plan to look more into that, but for now, we agreed with what they proposed. My hope is that we'll get the diagnosis, insurance will cover speech therapy, and he'll get everything he needs from a private PROMPT therapist. If it goes that way, the county services will just be a bonus anyway.

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