Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I Feel The Earth Move....

Wow, what an interesting day. Just before 2pm today we experienced our first "major" earthquake. It doesn't compare to any of the big ones that places like California and Japan have experienced, but it was big for us! The epicenter of the earthquake was about 80 miles from where we live.

My husband had just gone downstairs to hang our new address plaque outside. The boys were playing in the living room, and I was putting stuff away in the hall closet. I heard a weird noise, and felt the floor move. My first thought was that our dog had jumped on the couch to look out the front window (he's a big boy, and the floor moves when he does this!). Then the moving got more intense, and it got louder. I mostly noticed the noise coming from the kitchen, and it sounded like the table and chairs were rattling. So then my thought was that our dog was having a seizure or attacking one of the cats. At that point he ran past me and dove under our bed (he's my protector). So my thought jumped to the large trucks down the street that had been working all morning. But then it all went crazy - the walls and floor were shaking, the large front window was rattling. It was such a LOUD noise, everything moving and rattling. I ran for the large entry way to the kitchen and grabbed Luke. Yelled for Cody to come with me, just as my husband ran up the steps. I just kept asking him what was going on. It wasn't until it was almost over that I realized it was probably an earthquake.

I won't lie, I was in panic mode. My voice was a a much higher pitch than normal, and I was shaking. Poor Luke, my sensitive little guy, started crying as soon as he realized I was scared. Note to self - stay calm during next earthquake!

We went outside, and most of our neighbors did the same. A few minutes later the news reported that it was a 5.9 earthquake.

Virginia doesn't typically have this type of activity. The last earthquake at this magnitude was over 100 years ago. We have had earthquakes in the past, but they've never been anything you could feel. You hear about it on the news, and that's about it.

Around 8:00 tonight I was in the kitchen leaning against the counter, reading, while the boys were in my bedroom watching tv. As I stood there, I felt *something*. Nothing major, but enough for me to stand there wondering if I was imagining things, or if I was really feeling something. Sure enough, a 4.2 aftershock was recorded at 8:04.

I really think I'll stick with my east coast living. I'm not sure I want to live somewhere that has this kind of thing happen more often than every one hundred years or so. I prefer tropical storms and hurricanes that give you a nice long warning that they're heading for shore!

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