Sunday, August 28, 2011

Outgrown Egg Allergy?

I hate to say this, but I think egg may still be an issue here.

As I posted the other night, Luke threw up after eating a cookie that I had made using a recipe that called for one egg. The recipe produced about two dozen cookies, so one egg spread out over that isn't much. My hope was that it was just a coincidence, and that he had picked up a bug.

Yesterday, during tropical storm (for us, hurricane for other parts of the state) Irene, I used the extra free time to do some cooking and baking. One recipe I did was for corndogs (which were very good). The recipe called for 2 eggs in the corn batter mixture. Luke had one corndog for dinner, and not too long after, threw up. He seemed fine after that, though getting him to go to sleep last night was a struggle, which is very unusual for him. I had to sit in his room and hold his hand for awhile to get him calm enough to sleep.

Again, my hope was that maybe he still wasn't feeling well, and it was just a coincidence. And maybe it is. But he ate other things yesterday, and other than waking up agitated yesterday morning, acted normal (as normal as far as a two year old goes anyway) all day.

So my game plan is to avoid egg most of the week. Thursday or Friday I'll give him something with baked egg in it, and see what happens.

I spoke with a friend of mine who's daughter has many allergies, including anaphylactic ones. She pointed out that he may not have reacted to the egg during the trial because he hadn't been exposed to egg in over a year, and his body might have "forgotten" that it didn't like it. I pray that it's not the case, and that both nights were a complete coincidence, and that egg is still ok for him.

Finally, we survived the storm. It brought lots of rain and some heavy winds, but nothing horrible for us. We lost quite a few tree branches, but to be honest, the tree needed a good trimming anyway. Thanks Irene!

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