Friday, August 26, 2011

The Week From....

A nice little recap of the week in ThisMamasHeart's home...

Monday: Cody had his first dental cleaning. The boy screamed like he was being murdered before they even started. Hygenist had me lay on the chair, and Cody laid on top of me. I had to hold his hands down so they could do a quickie cleaning. At one point the hygenist told Cody that he was scaring the other kids. 
(night) Noticed Cody scratching a lot, discovered a cluster of bug bites on his rear end.

Tuesday: Earthquake scared the living daylights out of me. Went on to be made fun of by west coast friends. Working on a plan for them to deal with 98% humidity for 1/3 of the year, snow/sleet/freezing rain another 1/3, and hurricanes for the final 1/3 of the year.  Then we'll see who the weenies are.

Wednesday: (day) Managed to slam the outer 3 toes on my right foot into the corner of a wall as I turned down the hall. My foot has been jacked up ever since. The pain! 
(night) Noticed Cody frantically scratching his upper thigh. Found another patch of the same bumps as Monday night.

Thursday: Took Grumpy Cody to the doctor about the bumps. Was told he has scabies. If you're not familiar with what scabies is, let me enlighten you. They're mites (teeny tiny microscopic bugs) that get under your skin and lay eggs. Oh and they're highly contagious by skin to skin contact. Came home and washed everything he has touched over the last week in hot water. We're talking a good 5 loads of heavy duty laundry. Waiting to see if anyone else in our house gets it.  Can't stop twitching.

Friday: Topical Storm Warning! Hurricane Warning for the place in the Northern Neck (NNK) of VA where my parents have a house. Which means no trip to NNK this weekend. Which means none of my usual end of the week break.  Braved a trip to Sam's with every one else in our area today, complete madhouse.
(night) Made Salted Double Fudge Cookies. They are GOOD. They call for one egg, which is good because we're supposed to keep egg in Luke's diet. Luke had one and loved it. Then went on to puke twice about 10 minutes later. Super. Panic moment. That's how his anaphylactic reactions initially present. Watched him like a hawk for the next hour, everything else was normal, so put him in bed.

Went to check on him a little bit ago, and he had puked allllll over his crib. Down the wall. Puke in his hair, on his clothes, his stuffed animals. He looks like he doesn't feel well, but I don't think it's food allergy related. I'm assuming it's from him licking the shopping cart handle at Sam's today when I turned my back for 2 seconds.

I want my mommy.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the ribbing from some west coasters--I don't doubt it, because I heard it as well. Let me just say this....when we had a comparable earthquake in Portland several years ago, everyone was scared poopless.

    (Oh, and don't worry....I never made any jokes about how east coasters handled the earthquake. I mean, I would have had the earthquake happened in New England, because I never pass up a chance to make fun of New England. But that earthquake--like the one I mentioned--would have totally freaked me out!)

    Good luck with the hurricane--I'm glad to hear that you are far enough inland that it shouldn't be too bad for you. Hurricanes, like earthquakes, scare me poopless.....