Tuesday, September 13, 2011

PROMPT Therapy - The Beginning

Luke had his first session with the PROMPT therapist yesterday.  He's doing 45 minutes once a week right now, through September.  In October we'll have to make decisions on whether we'll stay with the office he's going to now, or move on.  A lot of this will be determined by what our insurance company decides to do as far as coverage goes.

The therapy itself was pretty uneventful.  Parents don't go in for the therapy, so I can't comment on what went on.  The therapist told me that he did really well seperating from me, but she learned that she needs to limit the number of toys in the room because he was very excited about them, and didn't want to focus on one thing.  I really think that right there was a big reason why home based therapy didn't work for us.  Too many distractions here.

We're to work on aproximations for "on" and "up" this week, and he'll go back for his next session on Monday.

I spoke with a mom in the waiting room while I was there, and her daughter has apraxia too.  She told me that pretty much everyone there does, so I guess it's true that this one office is known for treating apraxia.

Related to this, it turns out that a family friend of ours does accounting work for a speech therapy group down the street from where we live.  They are a sliding scale service, based on the patient's income, and one of the therapists is known for being very helpful with apraxia.  I'm looking into them as an alternative.  As much as I like the therapist he's seeing now, it's a drive to get there.  And I'm pretty sure that once we get going they'll recommend he come in 2-3 times a week.  If we can find someone just as good, but local, it will save us a lot in gas and travel time.  But, if I feel like the office that's further away will do a better job, we will stick with them.  I just want to do what will help him, everything else (money, travel, etc) is secondary. 

Home based therapy with the school system didn't happen today because of Cody being sick, so Luke will start next week instead.

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