Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Let me start off by saying that I was nearly in tears when we left Luke's PROMPT therapy session the other day.

But not for a bad reason.

I spent 35 minutes of his session in the waiting room.  The therapist had requested that I come back to the therapy room at the 35 minute mark, so I did.  What I walked in on was amazing.

She had Luke standing on a small table, facing a tall shelf that held one of his favorite characters, a Woody doll from Toy Story.  She was telling Luke, if you want Woody you need to tell me "up".  Luke did his usual, "da" sound.  She worked with him on it for a few seconds, and he said "UP!".  My baby boy said up, using the /p/ sound!  Then she worked with him some more, and he said "ON" very clearly.

Luke spent six months with early intervention through our county receiving speech therapy, and they were never able to get him to say either word.  One session with PROMPT, and he said it.  I was just so proud of him, and so excited.

We've continued to work on both words since then.  He still really struggles with it.  The therapist explained to me that he doesn't have the typical awareness of his lips like you and I do.  And lips are important when saying a sound like /p/.

One cute story - I was trying to get Luke to say "up" yesterday, and as he strugled to say it right, he grabbed my hand and put it to his mouth to do the PROMPT technique.

Here is a video example of what PROMPT therapy looks like.

Luke also received his first hour session with the resource teacher from Child Find.  I have to say that I had low expectations.  And while I don't think her type of therapy will be a cure all for Luke, I do think that it will help.  We spent the session sitting at the kitchen table with small toys that she brought, and at one point he was playing with a small stuffed turtle, a ball and his own Mater truck.  He piled the ball on the turtle, and then balanced the truck on the ball.  She was working with him on some wording, and asked him where Mater was.  He answered, "On the ball".  It wasn't super clear, but both she and I were able to understand it, and I think most people would be able to also.  HUGE accomplishment!

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