Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Word Explosion

Luke has had a bit of a word explosion the last few days.  Some of his new words/sayings...


More juice

Juice please

Nana and Papa (or Papa and Nana)

No dada

All but nana and papa are said when prompted, but even as prompted sayings, this is amazing.  In the past he had very few multi word sayings.  "I did it" and "what's that" were basically his only multi word phrases, and he started saying them quite awhile ago.  So to have several new multi word sayings in such a short time has been very exciting.  

On another note, I am very frustrated with the resource teacher he is assigned to by the school district.  We've only met with her twice, one of which was an official session.  I have had the hardest time getting her to tell me when she will be here the following week.  Last Tuesday I asked her as she was leaving, and her response was that she'd have to check her schedule and let me know.  I figured I'd hear from her before the weekend, but I didn't.  Finally this past Monday at 4pm I emailed her about it, and she responded that she would be here at noon the next day.  I'm glad I emailed her, because I had no clue otherwise.  I ended up having to cancel that session because we all have colds and they have a strict cancellation policy for any illness in the home.  She wanted to fit him in on Friday, but he has private speech therapy that day.  So she said maybe Thursday, and that she'd let me know.  Well, it's almost 11:30pm on Wednesday night, and I haven't heard from her.  I find it very unprofessional, and there's no way I'll continue to go on not knowing until the last minute when she'll be coming out. 

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