Sunday, October 9, 2011

DIY Baked Egg Trial

Let me start out by saying that this is the LAST time that we'll do a "trial" at home, even at the allergist's recommendation.  I'll leave it up to the professionals from now on.

As I mentioned before, the allergist wanted us to give him something with baked egg in it.  Cookie, cake, muffin, etc...things that are generally baked at 350-375 degrees for a minimum of 15 minutes.  She instructed us to give him a serving, and if he vomited like he did the last time, to call and let her know.  If he didn't, we were to try something else with baked in egg a couple more times.  I think her thought was that the weekend he threw up after eating the cookie, and then the corn dog, was a fluke.

I was a little apprehensive about it, but Friday morning I was baking cookies anyway for a bake sale, and decided to go ahead and get the trial over with.  I wanted to do the trial while my husband was home.

I baked the same cookies that I made the last time he vomited.  The recipe called for one egg, and was supposed to make approximately two dozen cookies - I ended up with 18.  I gave one to Luke, and his immediate reaction was "ewwww!".  I think he remembered that the last one made him sick.  I left him alone with it, watching him from the kitchen, and he nibbled at it.  I got him to take a few bites by pretending to eat it myself.  He ate about half of it before he abandoned it for good.

An hour later my thought was that he either wasn't going to react to the egg, or didn't eat enough of the cookie to react to it.  I figured we would just have to try something else on Monday.  I ended up leaving to run some errands while my husband stayed with the boys.  I made it ten minutes from home, and got a phone call that Luke had vomited, but was otherwise ok.  Just as I arrived at my first stop, I got another call - this time Luke was sneezing, his nose was running and his eyes were red.  I went into panic mode.  My husband wanted to give him Benadryl.  I said no, I think he needs the Epi.  My husband hesitated, said he didn't think it was that bad.  I ended up driving home like a bat out of hell.

Once I got home, I saw that Luke was doing "ok".  His eyes were watery, his nose was stuffy and a little runny, but nothing horribly bad.  He was alert, using his own little Luke language to tell me that he threw up.  I called the allergist's office, and the response was to keep him off of egg (duh) and to give him Benadryl.  So no Epi was needed, but I thought for sure we were going to have to bust it out.  To me it was a significant reaction, definitely worse than the ones he had previously with the same cookie and then a corn dog.  

So we're pretty much back to square one.  No eggs, no nuts.

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